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Respite Network

Health and Disability Network Groups

There are a number of Health, Disability and Community Network Groups thoughout the Grampians Region. 

Networking Groups
The purpose of a networking group is to provide a forum for service providers and consumers (unless otherwise agreed via terms of reference) to collaborate together and undertake:

•  information sharing;
•  networking;
•  address service gaps and improve co-ordination of 
    service provision in the local area;
•  learn about new services, current services and new 
    ideas from a range of agency and consumer 
    representatives (as appropriate).

Membership is usually open to any service provider who is part of the health, disability and community services.

These networks can be quite formal in the sense that they are governed by a Chairperson, Terms of Reference, Agenda/Minutes, Quorum and Reporting mechanisms.

Whilst these groups do not have consumers as members of the group they would welcome contact from consumers regarding issues or service gaps. 

Support Groups
There are a number of Support Groups within the Grampians region.  The role of Support Groups is to provide mutual support and opportunities to share experiences and information. 
Access a list of
Disability Support Groups in the Grampians Region.

Respite Service Providers
Access a list of the Grampians Region Respite Service Providers.

Access a calendar with meeting times and dates for Service Providers Network


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