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Viewing items in the Libaray

To read Portable Document Format files, also known as PDFs, you will need a PDF reader. 

You can download a free PDF reader from the Adobe website. 

Logo for Adobe reader, hyperlinked to Adobe website where you can download the free PDF reader

Uploading items to the Library

Disability service providers within the Grampians region are encouraged to post brochures, reports or newsletters on this page.

For accessibility purposes, please do not upload PDFs  unless you also add an accessible Word version or hyperlink to your website for viewing online.

Library items will be sent to the Grampians Respite web manager for editorial approval before they appear in the listings.   Please note that items may receive light editing as deemed necessary by the web manager.

NOTE: Items will only be accepted for disability respite and recreation services. 

» Post your Library item

  • Brochures (15)

    View a range of brochures from across the region on respite facilities or activities, government information and carer and disability information.
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  • Newsletters (145)

    View newsletters from service providers across the region, carer newsletters or support group newsletters.

  • Resources (48)

    View and download resources from service providers around the region.

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