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Hindmarsh Shire

Situated in central North West Victoria, south of the Mallee and north of the Grampians the Hindmarsh Shire has an area of 7,527 square kilometres, and is gently undulating, averaging an elevation equivalent to sea level. Hindmarsh Shire is the sixth largest municipality in Victoria in area but has the fifth smallest population. A major focus is to preserve the indigenous vegetation remnants, to expand the vegetation cover via planted corridors linking the Big and Little Deserts, and to generally increase the amount of cover, by revegetation on private land.

Agriculture is Hindmarsh Shire's major industry and is based largely on grain and sheep production, but in recent years has diversified into the production of oilseeds and legumes.

Some of the attractions of Hindmarsh Shire are Little Desert National Park, Wyperfeld National Park, Big Desert Wilderness, Little Desert Lodge, Wimmera River, Lake Hindmarsh, Lake Albacutya, Ebenezer Mission, Old Eucalyptus Distillery, Wimmera Mallee Pioneer Museum, Yurunga Homestead, Pella Church, Pink Lake, fauna, flora, walks, drives, picnic grounds, accommodation, tours, arts, crafts, collectibles, gifts, host farms, and events such as the Wimmera German Fest.

For more information view the Hindmarsh Shire website. 

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