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Welcome to Grampians Respite


Welcome to Launchpad

Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) is proud to announce the launch of a world first website just for young people with autism and their families.

Launchpad has been created for teenagers and young people aged 16 and over. It covers all the topics they need to know as they transition from school to adult life. These include study, work, health, social life, learning to drive, independent living and how to be a good self advocate.

The transition from school is a crucial time in any young adult's life and is especially challenging for young people on the autism spectrum. Young people and their families have been significantly under-resourced until now.

Launchpad has separate sections for young people and parents throughout each topic. This allows the website to be useful to all people on the spectrum, whatever their strengths and weaknesses. Launchpad has been created by Aspect and is funded by Ageing, Disability and Home Care NSW.

Go to to visit the site.

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